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We spent Thanksgiving in Denver, staying at the downtown Hyatt Hotel for 5 days, and celebrating Michael's 10th birthday.

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x001921.jpg (21815 bytes) Eating lunch at the Spaghetti Factory.  A great place for cheap food.  We are sitting at a table inside the cable car.
x001924.jpg (18981 bytes) This is the United Artists Theater in downtown Denver.  It has a great layout, reminding us of a theater in London, where each row is elevated 3 feet above the previous one, providing an unobstructed view of the screen.
x001925.jpg (23063 bytes) The Hard Rock Cafe recently opened in Denver, so we tried it out for dinner.  Well, the food was not as good as the HRC's I've been to elsewhere, and the waitress was absolutely crazy, more interested in dancing on the table to the music than serving customers.
x001926.jpg (11806 bytes) We stayed at the Hyatt hotel, compliments of many HP business trips.  Here Michael is enjoying the treadmill in the exercise room..
x001927.jpg (27820 bytes) The famous Denver Mint, one of two places in the U.S. where coins are made.  We took a tour inside, but they don't allow pictures.
x001930.jpg (22864 bytes) A visit to the Denver Zoo.  Here is a gorilla between Linda & Sara..
x001939.jpg (29668 bytes) An elephant between Sara and Michael.  Sara likes the Zoo, but sometimes doesn't like being in a picture..
x001946.jpg (19051 bytes) Shes OK with this picture . . . a giraffe looks on in the background..
x001950.jpg (13380 bytes) We all compared our height with a polar bear..
x001952.jpg (15669 bytes) Michael demonstrates shear fright when being attacked by a giant snake..
x001954.jpg (26577 bytes) Sara demonstrates shear desire to get out of the snakes & bugs section.
x001964.jpg (26131 bytes) A sea lion swims and balances at the same time.
x001968.jpg (32029 bytes) .Michael and Sara pose on a statue of Sara's favorite animal.
x001973.jpg (20997 bytes) Now they observe the real thing..
x001975.jpg (22388 bytes) And the real thing gives us a look at his insides..
x001977.jpg (18019 bytes) Another statue.   I guess this is to emphasize that the zoo in in the West.
x001978.jpg (16560 bytes) At the Denver Natural History Museum, Michael learns how much better animal ears are.
x001981.jpg (13513 bytes) Linda takes the stress test.  Even vacation can produce a high reading.
x001983.jpg (22495 bytes) Michael's 10 year birthday on Thursday, Thanksgiving, celebrated at The Broker Restaurant, where he wolfed down two bowls of peeled shrimp.  Our table is inside what used to be the money vault of the old bank..
x001984.jpg (13009 bytes) At the Denver Art Museum, where Michael tries some of the hands-on displays they have for children..

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