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2003 Hawaii w/Colbergs



This year we enjoyed the company of the Colberg family: Craig, Denise, and Callie.
Sara and Callie have known each other since elementary school.
Here's our family picture for this year.
And here is the entire group.
One of the great places to visit on Kauai is Waimea Canyon, which always looks like the Grand Canyon to me. Hard to imagine that there is something like this in the middle of the most tropical of the Hawaiian islands.
Of couse, you never know what Craig will be up to when he starts enjoying the outdooes.
And the girls seem to enjoy following Craig's example.
We tried surfing lessons this year. Here's Michael paddling out to catch the surf.
Sara shows her surfing skills.
It seems the most populous resident of Kauai is the chicken.
Mike, enjoying the beautiful natural setting of the pacific islands.
One of our favorite places, Polihale beach, just south of the Na Pali coastline.
We set up our little camp in the vegetation at the top of the sand.
Here's our tent. Nice for shade during the day, but we enjoyed sleeping on the sand above the surf during the night.
Nothing like watching the beautufil sun set on the USA's westernmost beach.
I can't remember what Sara had in her hand her ... perhaps a little sand crab.
Another beach on Kauai ... this one is past Hyatt in Poipu. Can you see Mike?
A lighthouse on the northwest shoreline.
Me, posing with a shirt with the lighthouse logo.
Our family on the "tubing" excursion,which goes through the sugarcane field canals. The lights are useful when the canals go through narrow underground tunnels.