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In October, I had the opportunity of traveling to India.  The purpose of the trip was business, but we had some time to see the a few things, and I took along my camera to capture the following images.  If my luggage is ever found by the airline, I'll add a few "tourist" souveniers later.  I will also add better captions, since my India notes and travel information are also in my undelivered luggage.

Click on the small picture to see a larger one.

x0002064.jpg (34461 bytes) One of the ladies in our group had a local artist draw this design on her hand.  It is a popular form of art, and lasts for a few weeks.  They also do feet, ankles, arms, etc.
x0002066.jpg (37458 bytes)
x0002075.jpg (55552 bytes) Here is a group of school children, on tour.  I will use this picture when our children complain about the school dress code.  At least they don't have this kind of uniforms.
x0002077.jpg (40741 bytes) These columns show the intricate carving used at this site when it was built in the 1500s.
x0002079.jpg (33499 bytes) This iron pole is a famous relic.  Claimed to be here since the 400s A.D., it shows no rust signs.  The phenomenon is cited as evidence that some extraterrestrials must have left it long ago. 
x0002087.jpg (47354 bytes) Monkeys run wild here.  This one was strolling across the presidents lawn.  We also saw them in trees and on the roads.  Three of them were scattered like birds from the top of our hotel by the doorman.
x0002090.jpg (36664 bytes) Another popular tourist attraction.  This picture cost me 50 cents.  He plopped the basked down and played while I shot the picture, then promptly scooped up his work and took the money.  At some point, I would think the snake gets tired with this program.
x0002092.jpg (37992 bytes) Notice the signs on this private driveway: "Robbers will be shot" - there are many locations where private armed guards protect property entrances.
x0002093.jpg (54932 bytes) Like many countries, India has their carpet industry.  Here we are looking over the selection.  I was really tempted to purchase the big one everyone's feet are on, but not at the price for which it was offered. 
x0002094.jpg (45475 bytes) We ate lunch here.  The waiter was certain to point out their specialty is "Chicken" - gee, I wonder if we had any earlier clue?
x0002114.jpg (40874 bytes) The Taj Mahal - a very beautiful place, held in much reverence here.
x0002116.jpg (45874 bytes) Like visiting a mosque, people remove their shoes before entering the Taj.
x0002120.jpg (41653 bytes) Looking out from the Taj deck, downstream to the Red Fortress - very had to see through the pollution.
x0002122.jpg (49687 bytes) Intricate designs above the door frame at the Taj.
x0002124.jpg (31526 bytes) A corner column at the Taj.
x0002127.jpg (42505 bytes) Across the shady side deck of the Taj - it was a very hot day, and most people gather here.  There are four towers like the one seen here, one in each corner.
x0002133.jpg (49926 bytes) The Red Fortress - the husband of the 2nd wife for whom the Taj was built lived here.  In fact, he lived here in "exile" for many years, watching her resting place downstream from his room.
x0002145.jpg (50243 bytes) One place inside the Red Fortress where they have somewhat restored the paint to show how it appeared with in it's golden splendor.
x0002153.jpg (48124 bytes) Some more carving at the Red Fortress - this is above one of the door frames.
xsc00024.jpg (35121 bytes) This is a common taxi in Delhi - it is small but very maneuverable, which is a great advantage in the crowded streets.
xsc00027.jpg (33624 bytes) Here's a quick glimpse of housing in Delhi - there is better housing, and much worse.  But from what I saw, the majority of people live in places like this.  Be grateful.