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Mt. Rushmore Trip



Our vacation objective was to spend July 4th at Mt. Rushmore, where we've heard they put on a fantastic fireworks display. Fortunately, we left several days before July 4th, because about 3 hours enroute to South Dakota, the transmission fluid emptied from our van. Here is the tow truck, taking the van (with us inside) to Douglas, Wyoming, for repairs.
A local mechanic worked on our van, while we found things to do in Douglas during this "unplanned" diversion. One of our activities was a visit to the Pioneer museum.
We thought this washboard hearkened back to the "olden days" long past, until my Mom mentioned having used one when she was a child.
This erector set was on dispaly as an antique, but it is the same set that my Dad had in childhood. He still has it. We used the motor of his set (on the left in this picture) to control wire wrapping on a Tesla coil for my Jr. High science project.
I took this picture of wildlife heads in the museum because it reminded us of the characters in Disney's (now defunct) Country Bear Jamboree attraction.
Douglas is home to the Jackalope, a cross between the jack rabbit and the antelope. Here is the town monument to this creature. OK, imaginary creature.
Here is a nice group shot of grandkids and grandparents at the base of the Jackalope monument.
Douglas also has a train museum (outdoors, of course).
This group shot gives a better perspective of these iron horses. Quite impressive.
Mike takes a closer look at the engineer's quarters.
After two days in Douglas, we rented a car to continue our trip, while the local mechanic continue work on the van. This sign might give pause to anyone who thinks they grew up in a small town.
A fifth face has been added to Mt. Rushmore.
We visited Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hickcock was killed.
We visted the Crazy Horse monument.
Here's a close-up of the work in progress.
This is a model of what the completed work will look like.
This is our cabin at the the KOA campground near Mt. Rushmore.
Grandparents and grandkids at Mt. Rushmore.
We visited Devil's Tower.
Group shot, with Devil's Tower in the background.
Close-up of Devil's Tower.
Grandkids at Devil's Tower.
Grandparents at Devil's Tower.
Background on the Oregon Trail.
Grandparents in wheel ruts on the Oregon Trail.
Grandkics in wheel ruts on the Oregon Trail.