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Michael & Dad spent a wonderful 24 hours, August 18-19, at the Cub Scout "Partner & Pal" overnight campout, located at the Ben Delatura camp.

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x001627.jpg (24558 bytes) Panning for gold.   The biggest shock was that we actually found one very small chip of gold.  I think the 49er's had it much easier.
x001628.jpg (32838 bytes) This is the original homestead cabin at the camp, raised in 1880.
x001630.jpg (21499 bytes) We went on a nature exploration activity.  One of the experiments was to smell a tree and determine what it is like.  Michael says this smells like chocolate.
x001632.jpg (24261 bytes) The day was full of activities, and here's Michael planning out our day.
x001633.jpg (13599 bytes) Each morning and evening they held a flag ceremony . . . yes, bugle and all.
x001635.jpg (23352 bytes) Michael works on one of the crafts.  Here he's doing some indian doll painting, having learned how to mix brown from the primary colors..
x001637.jpg (17746 bytes) One of the most dangerous areas of the camp.  Inside lurk aggressive sales people with just the kind of things cub scouts crave (candy, crafts, walking sticks, etc.).
x001638.jpg (23337 bytes) Another craft activity was dedcorating the frame for our picture, taken in front of famous "whale rock."  Notice the small cones, leaves, etc., that share the ambiance of the camping experience!
x001642.jpg (19491 bytes) Michael show his archery form.  After his first experience at a cub scout camp, we started going to an indoor range in Ft. Collins.  Michael's improved quite a bit from that first time.
x001644.jpg (29062 bytes) Here's an activity where Michael really demonstrated patience and accuracy.  He did a lot better than his father.  Among the wood structure and hillside that backs up the range, there lives a real rabbit.  He sticks his head out from time to time, but noone shoots at him.
x001645.jpg (24177 bytes) A totem pole build at the camp.  This is a really nice facility.  We (the 100 cub scouts) are the only ones here this weekend, but thousands come here during the summer.
x001647.jpg (22072 bytes) This is our skit group.  We were assigned to come up with a skit.  After several ideas were floated, Michael suggested one - the "bug skit."  Everyone loved it, so that's what we performed.
x001649.jpg (12384 bytes) This is the tent where we slept the night.  It has two old, rusted, squeeky army cot/springs, where we placed our sleeping bags.  There are 8 tents like this, forming a square, with each side facing each other, and a gathering spot/table/fire circle in the middle.  There are shat looks like hundreds of groupings like this all over the mountainside.
x001651.jpg (22638 bytes) There was a nice road for driving and walking around the camp, but for some reason, Michael preferred exploring the water canals alongside.
x001654.jpg (30651 bytes) At the wood shop, a man carves an animal head onto Michael's walking stick.
x001653.jpg (12477 bytes) At one of the main buildings, I found this sign.  It's a poem about parents struggling with the loss of a child, and is dedicated, from his family, to a scout that passed away.  A solemn reminder of how precious these times are.

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